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What do you listen to?

Posted by alexiskurtz1 on November 14, 2016

Often when getting to know someone the question of what your favorite music is may pop up. I honestly dread this question because I don’t like to limit myself to one artist or one genre of music. My taste in music is very widespread, anywhere from Luke Bryan country to Panic at the Disco alternative rock. The music I listen to depends on my current mood/ environment I am in. Also when I am with certain friends I listen to certain types of music because that is what they prefer.

I never understood those people that only would listen to music that perceived to be “popular” in the sense of if you didn’t like it that was “unheard of” or “weird”. Music is such a marvelous thing to have been invented. It has developed so much over the years and if you ever get a chance to go and look at the advancement of music, it is very interesting to see how certain genres and sounds became about.

Having opinions and different tastes are a good thing. It can cause conflict but it shouldn’t. If you disagree with someone it shouldn’t be a discussion of right vs. wrong but rather discussing the different view points in order to educate each other. A person who can’t listen and only argues when people have opposing tastes or views is just purely ignorant and immature. There is a reason there are so may different genres and types of music because everyone is unique and likes different things.


2 Responses to “What do you listen to?”

  1. toppermike said

    If the biggest cause of friction in a friendship if difference in musical taste, that must be a pretty nice friendship. People arguing over differences in musical taste is like anything else; you don’t dislike that they like a certain variety of music, you dislike that they don’t feel the sae way about “your” music as you do. It’s like when someone doesn’t like a series of books you idolize, or when one kid on the playground argues with another one because one plays PlayStation and the other prefers Xbox. These distinctions aren’t points of genuine contention, but rather a way for a person to stress his/her own fandom. And hey, there are stupider differences to fight over. Racism/sexism, anyone?

  2. tarynmitchell95 said

    Im just like this too! My music variety is so different. I don’t just listen to one genre of music, whats the fun in that anyway? I agree with you when you said it depends on your mood. Like when its summer outside I will blast country music( I also like Luke Bryan) and then when its time to get ready with the girls before a party we will blast rap music. I feel that is wha t makes music so popular. There are so many different artist that appeal to a person and their particular mood. I definitely agree with you about a broad music variety!

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