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TrackRecord Articles

Posted by wilscott1 on November 14, 2016

While I perused through the articles on the syllabus, I saw many articles that seemed unappealing to me. However, one stuck out – and that was the one about the North Korean defector-rapper. After reading that interesting story, I began to branch out to the other articles. Overall, I think that TrackRecord takes a unique look on music and how it connects to society. I thought it was especially interesting to read about how the North Korean defector uses music to tell society about the struggles he has been through.

For those of you that may have not gotten to read the same article as me, it was about a guy named Chun-hyok Kang. He is a North Korean defector that tells his story through rap. Something even more unique about Kang is that he feels that his music highlights not only his struggles, but the struggles of the people still suffering in North Korea. For example, his song “For the Freedom” is an attempt to show what is happening in North Korea (beyond the usual of what we hear vaguely about concentration camps) to the Western World, with the hopes of also making an impact in North Korea. In my opinion, Kang’s effect on society has been somewhat minimal, because I’m only hearing about it because of my Intro to Pop Culture class. However, as more people hear about Kang and his story and begin to spread the word, his impact on society will increase. This is just one example of how music can impact society.


One Response to “TrackRecord Articles”

  1. tycamchan said

    I absolutely love the fact that rap is branching out, seeing, and affecting different parts of the world. Now we see how influential our music is. However, I will say this: I don’t like a lot of the rap I see today. It all is mainstreamed and none of it sounds raw and real anyway. I have my favorite artists, but after that I don’t really like to listen to those “basement tracks”

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