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Spitting Knowledge

Posted by tycamchan on November 14, 2016

Don’t you think it’s interesting how some of the rappers nowadays can paint a whole picture of “african americans” are as a whole? Some people look at the music that plays from these rappers and assume all black women are running around getting pregnant and that all black men are in and out of jail with a million children. But it’s a few great rappers out there, THAT STAND FOR POSITIVE THINGS. I loved reading that 21 is antigun! I think that is a huge step in the right direction of cleaning up the image of african american people. Just think if more rappers eliminated all that murder talk, and gang language, that would make hip hop music a little less frowned upon. When older people talk about our music nowadays what’s the first thing they talk about? The bad language that these rappers use. If they cleaned that up alone, it would make hip hop way more appreciated. They rap used to mean something, and the rappers used to actually talk about things. Love, relationships, you name it. Now the lines barely rhyme in songs. But we need these men and women to straighten up in regards the material they’re writing. Because good or bad, this young generation is watching and learning.


3 Responses to “Spitting Knowledge”

  1. toppermike said

    Funny enough, I find the most thought-provoking rapper to be, of all people, Sir Mix-a-Lot. “One Time’s Got No Case”? It’s a song about a young black man getting even with racist law enforcement through the use of not guns but attorneys. “Sprung on the Cat?” It’s a song warning men not to bankrupt themselves in the pursuit of sexual gratification. “Baby Got Back”? It’s a song about admiring a body-type of women that, at least at the time, was not seen as the ideal, and there are undercurrents of themes detailing treating women with respect and engaging in relationships with women who are mature. “Your New God”? It warns listeners of the dangers of crack cocaine.

    For a man who is only recognized for singing a song about butts, Mix has a lot of songs that didn’t get the attention they needed, songs which spread an image of a wise man with reasonable views about laws, conduct, and responsibilities.

  2. tarynmitchell95 said

    I agree with you! A lot of artist paint this picture that that is how the average African American person really is, when in all reality that is not! It’s actually quite sad, especially when they ported woman in such an inappropriate manner. I don’t like when they do this especially in music videos. I feel they do this so that people will watch them and find them entertaining. Its been a long going battle with african americans and its been ongoing for years. I can only hope that the music scene will change with that.

  3. alexiskurtz1 said

    I don’t even think cussing has all to do with why older generations hate rap. Yes the cussing can be unnecessary and excessive but the sexual references are awful. I never like to be that girl that complain about sexism because I just don’t like to let things bother me. But some rappers make it seem like woman should only be good for sex and thats all they can do. And with younger and younger people listening to rap music they get these images and grow up thinking they can speak to women like the rappers in the song. Not all men of course but I do not think that this language has helped to eliminate sex offenders.

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