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Put the media with your mouth is…

Posted by yanniej on November 14, 2016

I enjoyed reading the articles from TrackRecord because it was from a new and fresh perspective that I haven’t never seen from any article. The articles were written where it felt as if you experienced the emotions first hand like from the article ” Remembering Other Music” I felt a connection within the story of how much the store meant to the community and how losing it would have an impact to the environment. With the pictures, videos, individual quotes from people within the community, and the references that people could relate to such as “Nina Simone”the articles just had vibes that made me enjoy reading them.

Besides the cool context that went along with the articles within the story called “Meet Downtown Boys, The Punk Band Making Political Music You Can Dance To” as I mentioned in the paragraph above, these simple details make it seem like you are there within the time of the events. Which was made by using the 360 degree video which I have never seen attached within an article.

Besides bringing in different forms of media, I enjoyed  TrackRecords attempt to write and talk about stories that aren’t “Popular” or “viral” but are known topics for example “David Poe on Donald Trump”. While we have all heard of the different stories about the heated election they didn’t try to pick up on a story everyone is talking about instead they bring up a new song that I haven’t seen or isn’t necessarily going viral which was the anti-trump song! Simply because of the fact they don’t copy the same stories as every other news outlet makes it interesting to listen, read or watch…. because I have never seen it!


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