Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Music speaking

Posted by jessiemc11 on November 14, 2016

Many people use music to listen to to help their feelings and understand themselves and things better. music brings out emotions, it allows feelings to come out and allows many to feel better or even express them selves. Poe writes his song “who built the wall” to show people that he believes Donald trump is already destroying peoples lives just by becoming elected. As well it says that many other artest are speaking out through their music about this election….. cant wait… I wish everyone would stop being so dramatic because like do they even realize if they give up on everything and go into things with this attitude.. this violence.. this ridiculousness that they are going to make things worse. I wish people would start standing up for things they believe in and stop destroying things and being so violent and start using a movement that shows love and not hate because thats not getting anyone anywhere. Also for example listen to this music to be able to feel and let emotions out use resources like this to vent anger. music is a great thing.


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