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Posted by lucdigi on November 14, 2016

The one article that really stuck out to me from the get-go is the one I read first when I was skimming them and looking at the titles: the Bob Dylan article. I never really liked Dylan’s music (shocking to many of my friends throughout my entire life) and people always ask me why and what exactly it is about him that I don’t like. I really like that the article doesn’t say “look Bob Dylan is great and you should like him, the end” like the words I’ve heard so many times do. They literally give you steps on how to get into his music or more accurately how to begin to appreciate it. I think this is a really cool approach instead of just throwing songs at you and saying “look, hits!”. They go in depth a little bit without becoming overwhelming and give you some background and some emphasis on certain parts of Dylan’s writing. Really neat and quick read.

I think my favorite thing about all of these articles is that even though they can be a little bit dense with information and interviews if you are looking for a quick read, they are first and foremost interesting and entertaining. They grab you from the beginning and make you want to read the rest. The inclusion of the political DJ interview in this list of selected articles really took it to the next level for me, obviously considering the ridiculous political situation and election that we just witnessed. Music, man….


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