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Media Shit and Political Rap

Posted by Danielle Mullins on November 14, 2016

The first article I read pisssseeedddd me off. Like the article was totally irrelevant to the title. “President Obama’s White House DJ Doesn’t Know What To Make Of Donald Trump—Musically.” Uhmmmmm. This article was more about DJ mel. Not Obama, Not trump, just him and his journey as Obama’s DJ. And at the end… he didn’t know what to do for Hilary “musically” either…. WTF. I don’t understand why so many media outlets do shit like this. I wasted my time with this article. No offense TR, but I dont care about a DJ journey, I was interested to see music compared to other people.

So when I got to reading “Why do politicians love demonizing rap music?” I was itnerested to see the article considering the last TR one.

Once again… irrelevant.

I agree with the article stating that Politicians are held to a higher standard than rappers. Rick ross can get away with Date rape using molly… But trump can’t say “grab her by the p*ssy.” Makes sense. I swear, I think the media is after Trump. I feel like they tried so hard to bash him… that it helped him win honestly. I am not trying to defend him, I am just stating facts.


3 Responses to “Media Shit and Political Rap”

  1. jennnymarks said

    Yes agreed. Not saying I’m promoting Trump but for the most part, he just says whats true. It may not always be what people want to hear, but its what needs to be said. There are though some things that don’t need to be said, like some very derogatory comments made Trump.

  2. laurenbailey07 said

    Trump, I feel, is just very very straight forward. He tells it like it is with nothing holding him back. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. Which can be a good and a very bad thing.

  3. jessiemc11 said

    I agree people make things out to be so much worse than they actually are… as well they end up being the ones to cause all these crazy problems.. Sometimes its good to get the truth out and tell things how they are and sometimes its not. its annoying all this political stuff and i dont even want to read half the crap we have to because a lot of it just gets so annoying and old already.

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