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weird to wide

Posted by laurenbailey07 on November 13, 2016

When it comes to the question of why are some people poor and some people rich, i have a hard time answering that question because it is kind of tricky. Most people are wealthy because they were born into wealth. Now that is not always a bad thing. But the worst of all is when they let their wealth consume them to the point where they believe that they all of a sudden do not have to work for anything anymore or that just because they are wealthy somehow means that they have “worked harder” than anyone else. But then you have the other side of wealth that is the portion that work hard every single day and even some tiring hours. But i also feel like your level of wealth is defined by what part of the world you are from and how you look at what “wealthy” really is. It is defined differently by everyone so its hard to say.

Some people are poor for a lot of reasons. Some people are poor because they simply just cannot make enough money for their family no matter what they do. Because at the end of the day that money has to go towards putting food on your family’s table. Some people are poor because they do not want to work and will not put the effort out to get a job and all of the money they do have goes towards drugs and alcohol. Which in my opinion, if that is the case, you should not be allowed money from the government. I am just going to leave it at that.


4 Responses to “weird to wide”

  1. holly1519 said

    This was really similar to my post. There are so many different definitions of rich. There are also so many ways one can become rich or poor. I don’t think it is particularly bad to be born into wealth either, but like you said the problem is when they don’t think they have to work for anything and unfortunately it’s probably the parents who don’t make them work.

  2. lucdigi said

    I think work ethic is something that all people should keep in their life regardless of how they are doing monetarily. It seems to me like once you are making good money, you would want to keep your work ethic on track and make sure you don’t lose that money. But maybe not…

  3. marybethchilders said

    One of my family’s values is that its not the material things that make you wealthy, it’s the people you surround yourself with. I grew up average middle class, but I have always been wealthy. This sounds very hippie-ish but like, I wish that everyone could think like that and have the value. People might be happy for once. Just a lil thought 🙂

  4. katherineschaaf said

    Speaking about getting rich, it reminds me of a comment a couple of old class mates of mine said. They were like, “I want to get through college, land a big paying job, make as much money as possible and retire before 50.” I was like WOW, that is not how it works…for one you will be bored of your life without work in it and you should have a job because you enjoy doing it, not for the money (although money is always a factor). It’ll be interesting to see how their plan turns out.

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