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Tax The 1%!

Posted by prestonperkins91 on November 13, 2016

I’ve always had the “how do some people get rich and how to others stay poor” thought in my head growing up and there’s not just one simple answer to that. It’s almost as though you have to had met so many of those rich, poor or middle-class people to understand.

It seems to be easier to think that most people are born into the wealth, in which there are cases that are true (like our new furor Trump) and others are born into poverty. But I’ve also known people and heard stories of others being born one way and completely turning their wealth of life around. I mean, someone in that wealthy family had to start something to get rich right? But for most people I’ve come to know while growing up, they almost seemed to stay as rich or poor just as equally as their parents and their parents parents. For example, I’ve never known a friend of mine raised in the upper or middle class and be homeless or helpless in their adult years growing up. Yet most of my friends who’ve been raised in the lower-ish class usually got kicked out of their homes at 18 or struggle harder to keep things stable unlike their middle class counterpart. The cycle of poverty tends to have some of the same issues generation after generation. Some may pull out of the cycle but it tends to be more difficult for children of poverty than for children in the upper class to loose the family wealth.  I could be wrong, but this is all just opinion based and what I’ve witnessed growing up during and after high school.

Whether  you’re lower, middle or upper class, let’s just all hope it’ll be easier for all of us to live once King Trump is in office. If not,  I guess we can all just eat cake.


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