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Joe Biden Memes are pretty great.

Posted by aiyanarudolph on November 13, 2016

The part of this article that really stuck out to me was the ending when the author said, “ensuring we build an Internet that allows cross-cultural contact to take place.” I think that in light of the recent election, we definitely need something that will allow for cross-cultural contact. It might seem silly to some people, but I guess memes do have a way of traversing cultural boundaries. It is important that the Internet allows for people from all over the world to find things that are relatable to all, and sometimes memes do that. For example, I have been seeing a lot of Joe Biden memes that have personally been making my life a little better since the screaming yam won the election. But something I noticed that it isn’t just people in America making them. There are a lot of Europeans who are also making them, and I find that kind of weird and cool. Like, they don’t live here but they still understand the situation enough to laugh about it and make more. Maybe it is situation specific in the sense that I know tons of Europeans were watching the election just as diligently as we American were, but the fact that they are also making these memes because they know what we are going through it kind of nice of them in a way. It’s like “I’m sorry your shitty country elected a literal orange as president, so here are some memes of your current VP doing funny things so you don’t have to keep thinking about your new VP shocking the gay out of people.”


3 Responses to “Joe Biden Memes are pretty great.”

  1. lucdigi said

    These Joe Biden memes are the greatest thing I’ve seen on the internet in a long time, and are also keeping my mind off of the election. It’s really interesting to see how the internet is reacting to the results of this election, worldwide.

  2. prestonperkins91 said

    I never noticed how much Joe Biden memes are popping up until this post and another person mentioned it. I’m gonna miss him and Obama.

  3. radionightowl said

    Joe Biden memes not only make us laugh–they say what some of us on the liberal spectrum are probably thinking every time we see Trump’s mug on the TV. Like, if Biden really booby-trapped the White House like Kevin McAllister from Home Alone, we’d be in for a great news interruption after the inauguration in January. But really, don’t we all wish that Joe actually would piss off Mike Pence or stick it to DT? I do, anyhow. It’s funny how Biden is made out to be a lovable goof ball, but somehow I really feel like he is somewhat the guy in the memes in real life. Not necessarily the same, but similar. He’s that awkward kid in school who’s actually super clever, but sometimes doesn’t know how to express it well to his peers 🙂

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