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Posted by aiyanarudolph on November 13, 2016

I think the spreadability of comics is a great thing for people who like them. I know that when it comes to some people there is nothing like holding the actual comic; I, myself, have difficulty in that regard when it comes to books. However, I think this spreadability is definitely cool and useful among people my age. Personally, my favorite webcomic is called Check, Please! and I know I would never have been able to read it if it wasn’t for the fact that it is online. Webcomics make availability so much easier and allow for instantaneous communication between author and reader. I know with Check the author posts it all on Tumblr and we are able to contact her about anything. Also, because it’s on Tumblr we can turn notifications on and anytime she posts a new comic we can instantly read it. There’s no going to the comic store and waiting in line to get the comic; it is right there for us to read instantly. The author of this article also pointed out how webcomics allow for people to buy merchandise and stuff from their websites to help along their comics. That’s totally a thing with Check. The author has a yearly donation that happens where we can help her out with her finances she may need for the comic. Also, we are able to buy merchandise that is relatable to this comic itself. And I think this allows again for a more intimate relationship with the author. Also, I think that webcomics allow for less traditional ways of storytelling. If I’m being honest, a lot of comics are male driven and not exactly women friendly sometimes. So webcomics totally make it easier for women to tell their stories because it’s not necessarily a male dominate run world. For example, Check is written by a woman and she is totally awesome. I just think webcomics are great and I’m happy they are becoming popularized.

Also, read Check, Please! because I love it okay bye thanks:




2 Responses to “Comics.”

  1. lucdigi said

    I never thought about web comics! I’m not a big comic fan in any capacity, maybe I’ll check some of those out! And the gender thing too. I wonder how many times someone has not read or checked something out just because of the gender of the person who created it?

  2. prestonperkins91 said

    I’ve never really gotten into web only comics, even tho a part of me tells me I should. Although I do read marvel and DC stuff online, but if I love a legendary comic by them I’ve read or partially read online, I’ll go to the comic store to get it.
    The web comics almost remind me of non profit Youtubers making fan based videos, but making money from selling merchandise

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