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Weird to Wide (srry sam late blog post)

Posted by roseconway98 on November 11, 2016

Why are some people rich and some people poor? Damn isn’t that the million dollar question. Some people are rich because their families are rich, or come from money, or what I like to call “luck”. And my favorite, some people are rich because they work for it. They go to school and get a good job and they’re successful. (I know its not always that easy… I wanted to be a nurse solely to make good money but here I am not even fully through the first semester of college and I have changed my major.) And then theres the other side or the question, why are people poor? Some people are honestly just thrown into unfortunate circumstances totally blindfolded, and its hard to work your way up. Then theres people who just don’t care. They just don’t care about the value of job or work. (And thats ok, you can live your life however you want.) As the article mentions, the scenario is pure destiny, and Im a strong believer in everything happens for a reason. Events plan out in someones life, because thats how its supposed to be for them. But then I start thinking about why do bad things happen to good people? (But then I just shove that to the side because yikes I can’t tell ya why except just cause shit happens.) As the article continues, it talks about how a persons environment has a major effect on a persons wealth. And I agree. Whether its the environment you grew up in, referring to your family, or legitimately your environment. Our early ancestors lived off the land and thats where they made their money. If you couldn’t make it as a farmer in the old days, you didnt have a lot of money. Then if you were a farmer, you brought in the cash, and thats where family money all started.


3 Responses to “Weird to Wide (srry sam late blog post)”

  1. wilscott1 said

    I totally agree with just about everything you’ve said here. However, I just wanted to address the part of your blog post where you said “And thats ok, you can live your life however you want”. This was in reference to lazy poor people. While I agree with this statement, I don’t like some of the implications it can have. What I mean is, people that are too lazy to be actively searching for a job shouldn’t be on aid from the government. It’s fine that they want to live their life a certain way, but my tax dollars shouldn’t have to pay for it. I realize that you never actually addressed this in your post, so you may agree with me on this. I just wanted to voice my opinion on this subject.

  2. holly1519 said

    When i think of “luck”, I typically think of the Kardashians. Seriously, how did they get famous? Pure luck. Im sure Kylie Jenner won’t have to struggle a day in her life considering she gets a new Ferrari every year for her birthday. Like you mentioned in your post, the environment a person grows up in has a huge impact on wealth. Such as the case of the Kardashians v. someone who grew up in a bad part of a city or maybe a small town.

  3. marybethchilders said

    There’s a million and one different ways to be rich. It just about finding your personal definition of it. Too often though people let the world decide what wealth is, and that’s unfortunate.

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