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Bollywood should be the new Hollywood

Posted by yanniej on November 10, 2016

Within the article “The Revolution is not spreadable” I enjoyed the unique ways of spreadable media and how I believe some of these methods could be adopted within the united states. Within the article the writer state how these individuals blew up became big, went viral, started to have a big fan base and how they would interact with their fans though media. Not only would they speak to fans from their country in their own language but the fact that they could translate it making it easier for more people to come in contact with their spreadable media.

I personally thought this was a good deal because the level of people you are reaching and attracting to your fan base continues to grow because you have a big selection of people by simply translating. Also the movement that was mentioned dedicated to the younger people obviously was very successful and also easy. While it was successful for the younger individuals to sign up to vote on-line how many of those who signed up actually took the time to vote? And I clearly seen this first hand this election year. While there were community members coming to the university to encourage the students to register online and by paper, not matter how much they helped will those students actually vote. We can retweet pictures that say vote, watch videos on people expressing their opinion but if no one actually goes vote all that is pointless at the end, just as the article stated “Indeed, meaningful change doesn’t come about by simply “viral-ing” videos. It needs to be accompanied by hard work on the ground.”


One Response to “Bollywood should be the new Hollywood”

  1. mhlowhorn said

    Your point on voting is pretty interesting. I saw SOOOO many people on social media (and in real life, here at WKU and even out in town) urging people to get out and vote, spreading the word about registering, voting locations, early voting, etc. I think it’s great that so many people mobilized and led a sort of campaign for voting in itself, but after all, only 55% of eligible people actually voted. Almost 1/2 the country didn’t vote! That just goes to show that spreading the word is sometimes still unsuccessful, but when it comes to something like democracy, that’s almost all you can do. You can’t FORCE people to vote. The only choice is to spread the word so much that people become passionate about what’s happening–that’s when the words turn to actual work.

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