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Weirrrddd to Widdeee

Posted by tarynmitchell95 on November 9, 2016

The article I selected to read was “From Weird to Wide,” before reading the article I had little idea what it was going to be about. As I continued to read the article discussed how different people on the economic spectrum are not given the same opportunities when it comes to an education. The article I felt was very relevant in todays world. We have come far with racial equality in school systems, but there are still some things that need to be changed ASAP!

What I find most interesting is that educational opportunities are not equal for everyone. Often at times depending on your social class, you can be given more right when it come to receiving an education. Rights that someone of lower economic wealth would never receive. I have always disagreed with that. I feel that a person cannot be punished for wanting to receive an education. An individual cannot help what life they are born into. Therefore we cannot disregard them the right to their education. To make the statement that only wealthy people can receive higher education and more funding when it comes to education is not fair. It shouldn’t matter the income for your household. Anybody should have a right to learn.

Take college for example. People who go to school (like most of us) want to better ourselves. We are choosing to retain knowledge at a more competitive and prestigious level. We study a major that gives us a deeper mindset. Yes college is stressful and of course there are times when we wanna pull our hair out, but it is worth it. To know that some people don’t get that opportunity just because they do not have the money really does upset me. Learning makes you an all around better person. It teaches you tools you will use not only in your career but for the rest of your life as well. I can honestly say that by me being in college will help me so much more for the future. I would have never been where I am at today if I did not go to college. Everyone should be given this right.


4 Responses to “Weirrrddd to Widdeee”

  1. jennnymarks said

    The price of a higher education will always be an issue in this sad world. I myself could never figure out a way to make college free if not lower the price, but i hope there’s someone out there that could. And when that happens, the world will be enlightened.

  2. roseconway98 said

    yes I totally agree. I always say stuff like “I’m going to drop out” or “i don’t even need this for my major” and just complaining about school when I really shouldn’t. I am so blessed that I get to go to college and get a degree and an education when there are people out there who would do anything in the world to go to college but just cannot because of certain circumstances ):

  3. laurenbailey07 said

    whats even worse in my opinion is when people who are given the opportunity to come to college just throw it away by skipping class or not doing their homework when there is someone else in the world that would give anything to just go to a single college class. It is sickening and disheartening how much some people who are privileged just dont care.

  4. holly1519 said

    I totally agree on your opinion about how educational opportunities are not equal for everyone. I grew up in a comfortable home. I had everything I needed plus a little more. But my mom would always buy the off brand at the grocery store if that tells you anything. But i know there are people that have less than i do, and i even struggle to come up with money for my WKU bill. I wonder how others do it so something needs to be done to create equal opportunity. Like gee I don’t know, maybe start with not charging an extra $300 in addition to tuition for online classes. (Sorry, I had a rude awakening when registering for spring classes)

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