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Weird to Wide

Posted by alexiskurtz1 on November 9, 2016

“Why are some people wealthy and some people poor?” I asked my parents this question a lot while growing up. I couldn’t grasp the idea of social classes and that some people were born into poverty while others were lucky enough to be born into wealth. It also saddens me how the poor seem to give up things to help others when they themselves have little but the wealthy have a lot and are selfish about giving. Not every wealthy person, there are many good charity programs and donations but wealthy are more greedy then people who are poor. I guess when you are used to having nothing its easy to give up things but when you have wealth you get greedy and just want more.

I agree with this article that a persons environment and culture have  major impacts on their wealth. Depending on the resources that surrounded our ancestors, this is how they developed and flourished in the early world. This help lead to the major advancements today and if you happened to not be apart of something of the sort then you stayed poor and had nothing to give your families future generations. A lot of money has been passed down from generation even though yes, new money exists. It’s interesting how today we can still be impacted by things that happened years ago.


6 Responses to “Weird to Wide”

  1. tarynmitchell95 said

    I really liked the comment you made about how people who are not as privileged still contribute to giving to others. I feel that is so true. Some people have good hearts and even when they do not have much to offer they still try to help out. I think that says a lot about a persons character as well. What you wrote about in your blog is similar to mine. Social class is a very huge factor for some in how they receive an education. It doesn’t make it right. We are for sure impacted with this in todays world and that is very sad.

  2. tycamchan said

    It’s going to sound very miss america, but the second we get rid of “what class are you” we could do so much better. America is so divided and labeled its scary. We got labels for literally everything.

  3. jessiemc11 said

    Yeah its really sad to see many people with all this wealth and throw it away on stupid things when there is so much more that money could be used for. I wish greedy people would step into the world of a poor person just to see how blessed they are. I do believe you get what you work for but there are many people who do not get the opportunity to have much due to their situations which is so frustrating because i wish everyone could be stable and in a good spot in life. Also there are many poor people who are just lazy and make absolutely no effort and expect everything to be given to them and thats why they are where they are. Culture is is very diverse thing and a lot of situations are very unfair.

  4. roseconway98 said

    ahh yes, it makes me so sad when I see not as wealthy people giving to others and helping out when thats is honestly probably all they have. But if they feel the need to do it, just to help others then good for them. as you mentioned, not all wealthy people are bad, but a lot of them are always just wanting more and blowing their money on stupid stuff, wen they could be putting it to good use.

  5. laurenbailey07 said

    its always been hard for me to understand why some wealthy people feel like just because they are wealthy means that they are above everyone else and that they have power over the lower classes when in fact they are just the same only with more money. Its sickening to think about what the upper class actually uses their money on.

  6. ccpadfield said

    I think the concept of “new money” is really interesting. How does someone who hasn’t had money suddenly cope with a bunch of money at once? And I do agree that our surroundings have potential to manipulate our wealth and success.

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