Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Transnational Audiences and East Asian Television

Posted by drewowen44 on November 9, 2016

I read through all the articles and found this one most entertaining and interesting. Reading the first part of this article when it talks about the Japanese eating a large hamburger which kind 0f mocks the United States in a funny way makes you wonder if this happens all around the world and it probably does. Interesting to me the video was recorded in 2009 and the video made it to the United States, that shows Spreadable Media has not just come around in the recent years but has been in effect in the past years. As the article mentions about spreadable media too being more visible during today’s time, it is to be in consideration of what it is gonna be like in just a few years. I found it interesting the amount of technology being discussed in this article, especially when they talk about thousands of copies of television drama are released in 20 different languages and the amount of work   that goes into  that. Also when they talk about the subtitles and how that bounces around several times during the editing process. But makes me wonder of how much of the actual original copy gets messed with and ends up not being the original.


4 Responses to “Transnational Audiences and East Asian Television”

  1. jessiemc11 said

    This one also stuck out to me i think it was mostly because of the first paragraph haha. but yeah its very interesting all the work that they put into these things and imagine all the work it took to translate it into many languages. Never thought about how the original gets messed up though thats probably true there are probably so many things that may end up changing when translated.

  2. jennnymarks said

    Even from getting on the explore page on instagram, i am introduced to so many people around the world. It’s crazy how much social media can spread things around the world & connect the world. who knows what could be possible in the next couple of years

  3. yanniej said

    I think it is interesting how they actually translate the media because that makes the content actually more interesting. For example, everyone has heard of American Idol within the United States but now they have American Idol outside of America. It is cool how the music we love, movies or even TV shows can be a hit somewhere like China because the advanced technology that is available to simply translate. I remember going on YouTube listening to a Beyonce song and it was in Chinese? While it might not have been Beyonce actually singing the words she is still some how being connected and her name is becoming a form of spreadable media even in another county.

  4. ccpadfield said

    I thought the amount of technology being used was interesting, too. This media goes through so many processes in order to be able to be spread. I also like the willingness people have to spread this media and translate for others. It shows an audience participation.

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