Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Is India’s Good News Bad News?

Posted by caitgate on November 9, 2016

When reading about India’s spreadable media, it kind of sounded the opposite of America. I feel like all you ever see on the news is bad news or terrible things going on. Such are different court cases, robberies, murders, things going around in the rest of the world, etc. I feel like you rarely hear about good news. They don’t talk about the middle school kid that saved a cat from a tree, they talk about a child gone missing. While these two are vastly different news stories, I feel like we get mostly bad and little good. In India, it sounds like they get mostly good and little bad. The article talked about how this created a false sense of safety among the middle class while the lower class was starving right beneath them. While good news is good, you can’t just avoid the bad news. The people aren’t getting the information they need to make a difference. Since the media about hunger isn’t spreading, they are ignorant of it and therefore can’t do anything to change it. While India seems to be (or attempts to be) a peaceful and nonviolent country, that doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen.

When it comes to spreadable media, there needs to be a nice balance between good news (possibly less relevant information) and bad news (more pressing issues). Since the election is so prevalent right now, I will use this as an example. You rarely hear about the good things the candidates have done or accomplished; you hear about their previous mistakes dug up by the opposing side. The world isn’t all dark nor is it all good. I feel like we talk about what we think will go viral or gain popularity rather than what is more important or what we should be talking about. So we should try to make the news well rounded.


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