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Change Comes with Spreadability

Posted by katherineschaaf on November 9, 2016

“Is spreadability an intoxicant that is keeping India’s middle classes happy and ignorant, while Bharat whirls by, as though on a different planet?”

Spreadability is simply the process of bringing awareness to those who are uninformed in some way or another.  If you think about the different things that go viral in this world there is such an array of content, characters, messages, popularity, etc.  You get everything!  However, it is important to remember these varieties when analyzing the different things that currently go viral in India (aka the Peepli Live film) and how these compare to the articles/news releases that strive to become viral (aka those about hunger and poverty) but just cannot quite make it.   Therefore, we can see that the spreadability of the random content in  videos right now are obviously not helping the more serious causes.   However, have they ever thought about combining the two?  For example, reaching out to the famous bloggers/actors/tweeters and getting them involved in improving these issues in their homeland.  It happens everyday in the US.  Not only to help provide awareness to those uninformed, but reach out and get them involved in different organizations that can truly make a difference.  Whether or not this process implements change right away is a different story, but we have to remember that change takes time.  So I guess I would say that the current spreadable content going on is not making a difference, however, it has the immense power to start that change.  It is extremely important to look at the different priorities across the world and work to put complete focus in solving one problem before moving onto the next.  Change can happen, it just takes a little push and I believe spreadability of specific content could be that motivation needed!


2 Responses to “Change Comes with Spreadability”

  1. yanniej said

    While you said you don’t think separable media is making change it most defiantly has the power to do so. I wouldn’t say there is a right method for spreadable media but there could most defiantly be an incorrect way! Some times things that shouldn’t be spreading covers the important things that should be spreading which goes to show that it CAN be controlled. If something tragic happens it will first become the main source of spreadable media until something such as “KYLIE JENNER IS PREGNANT” takes over and the thing that should be important becomes whipped out with media that isn’t really “important”.

    • katherineschaaf said

      Yes I agree. It is very important to recognize the difference between important news spread and the junk. It certainly can be controlled, but where does that start? With the writers, and we have to realize that they are taught to stretch the truth…do whatever it takes to sell more!

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