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Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 9, 2016

Oct 13


Have you ever seen an ad and wondered what was that about. Failure to connect with audiences is a big problem with companies. If a company doesn’t connect with the viewers than the message is lost. An ad that is not memorable is possibly the worst kind of ad for the company. If the person doesn’t remember what the commercial was about, how is that particular person going to buy the product or service the company is marketing? Advertisers need a wow facture or a hook. They need the ad to be memorable.

It seemed for a while companies found a way to be memorable. It was to make the ad as weird as possible. Sega and Old Spice are notable for doing this. The first time I watched an old spice commercial, I asked myself what did I just watch; but I did remember it. I remember watching compilations of Old Spice commercials on YouTube and laughing. They were funny in a strange and wonderful way. These commercials are a big reason why I buy old spice products today. But an issue started to rise, it seems that companies started to notice the success of the Old Spice commercials and started making their own weird advertisements. Others companies have started to have weird commercials too. Ice Breakers now have a commercial with a unicorn. If weird commercials become the new norm, ads will not stand out anymore. Companies are going to have to come up with something else to get people’s attention.


2 Responses to “ads”

  1. toppermike said

    Sega does what Nintendon’t.

    I think this shift towards absurdist ads is awful. In most cases, I already had no inclination to go out and purchase these products, so the ads were already annoying, but ow they’re annoying and bizarre. I often find that, instead of putting up with an ad, I’ll just mute my device and look away. Heck, I don’t even watch live television anymore (barring last night because the masochist in me had an interest in watching the votes get counted), so not seeing ads becomes even easier. No ads on Netflix! Adblocker on YouTube! Before that, I had DVR so I could fast-forward through ads.

  2. jessiemc11 said

    Sellers have really begun to learn how to connect with audience I know when I see a commercial that stands out in an odd way, a funny way, or is just really interesting i will remember it but if its just something boring or that will inform I dont pay any attention to it because it does not reach out to me. Its crazy all the changes that will be going on with things because people are slowly upgrading things and getting rid of old things I cant imagine what ads, commercials, etc will be like in the next few years.

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