Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by jessiemc11 on November 9, 2016

This specific article “Transitional audiences and East Asian Television “just cracked me up because it was talking about how the Chinese eat the BIG hamburger it honestly made me laugh because when i was younger my dad would say “eat all your food if you wanna grow curly hair,” (Don’t ask I don’t even know.) but anyways the media is most definitely becoming more pervasive and it will continue to do so because people want to get many things out into the world. People continue to translate things so that they can spread to other countries  to sell and market their products. East asian television is even promoted online so that americans can view it and the article says there are more than 20 languages that these shows are posted in. People will do whatever it takes to get their things put out there. Streaming is also a big thing people seem to stream and share almost everything now so they can view things that may be hard to get ahold of.


One Response to “Translate”

  1. yanniej said

    It is crazy how the advanced technology and the ability to translate has allowed so many oppoiunites for me within the means of my own home and by the use of technology. I am able to shop online globally from china to the united kingdom which I find it so amazing because content gets spread around of the media so much where you are able to luck up on so many opportunities and cool websites. I have purchased things from UK online boutiques as such an low cost compared to what you would find on a website such as Macy’s. I have even found a website that is equivalent to our Amazon called Aliexpress but you could say just a Chinese version. I think media within this context is very amazing and I have grown to appreciate it!

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