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Weird to Wide

Posted by lucdigi on November 7, 2016

One of the best parts about this article to me was when I read “If humor and creativity are evenly distributed on a global scale, we might anticipate encountering creative new content as people in different parts of the world gain internet access.” This idea has always kind of been in the back of my mind, I just never really knew how to express it. Its like when people say what if the cure to cancer is in the mind of a person not fortunate enough to receive an education and be able to freely speak about it to other people? The next big revolution, the next big thing, the next big push… They could all be stuck in a society or a country where the people cannot use internet or maybe even technology at all, in any capacity.

Memes saw a HUGE surge in recent years and it seems that people all over the globe are contributing to them. I often see memes on the internet that I sometimes just don’t understand because the rhetoric and the societal humor just doesn’t match what I am used to seeing. Instead of getting frustrated or annoyed by this, maybe I should start being happy for those people since after all they are getting the right to a freedom of speech or at least a freedom to post whatever the hell they want! (I’ve seen some weird stuff, man…) It seems as if the internet and its memes and jokes are finally actually spreading globally, to all countries.


3 Responses to “Weird to Wide”

  1. jessiemc11 said

    Its crazy how memes can be used for such efficient reasons. I never really thought aboout it till reading these readings but they really do spread a lot of awareness and allow people to get their voice heard.

    • toppermike said

      Memes are a great way to learn about the societal opinions of recent world events. I think I learned more about what people thought about Brexit from Reddit than I did from any major news source here. In fact, the first time I heard about it someone was posting on Reddit that he had just gotten his British citizenship on the day the vote passed, and the image posted was a gif from some sitcom in which a young man enters an office, smiling, only to see the room in burning chaos. The gif concludes with a person handing him a paper with the annotation “congratulations!”

  2. roseconway98 said

    memes are great and i agree that they hit it off very recently. with everyones sarcastic and witty humor its a great way for people to really get their opinion out and have their voice heard on certain topics.

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