Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Extra Credit: Rigged

Posted by ccpadfield on November 6, 2016

For extra credit I went to the screening of Rigged as well as the Q&A. I enjoyed seeing the documentary for a second time. I feel like I understood more the second time I watched it. I think that the first time I watched it I didn’t fully comprehend gerrymandering but the second time I saw it, it made more sense. It also made me realize how messed up gerrymandering is. Seriously, you can’t change the district for ten years after they have been mapped out. How is this ok? And how do people not know about it? I talked to my parents about it because they’re pretty into politics and like to stay up to date with those types of things. They didn’t even know what gerrymandering was! They had heard of it but weren’t aware of the actual concept and practice of gerrymandering.

I like a few points that were brought up in the question and answer portion of the screening. First of all, I liked the explanation for the use of only Republicans and Democrats in the Rigged game. The speaker talked about how often parties like the Green party don’t get the opportunity to utilize gerrymandering. I also liked that the point about bias was brought up. The producers had tried to stray away from being or sounding biased but it was difficult, especially because most of the gerrymandering examples were the doings of Republicans. In that case, it was a lot more difficult to come from an unbiased standpoint.


One Response to “Extra Credit: Rigged”

  1. lucdigi said

    Wish I could have made it to the screening. I feel like a second viewing after the initial assignment would be beneficial for me as well. I was just wondering about how third parties would use gerrymandering… seems like an interesting topic for another documentary.

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