Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Swedish Model

Posted by loganhamilton on November 5, 2016

Music is a big part of my life so this model really intrigued me. My uncle sings and records country music in Tennessee and my dad plays guitar and can sing also. I cannot go through  a day without some type of music. I am always listening to it and I love it so to see the Swedish model allowing independent labels who are committed to a more optimistic dialogue on musics future. I love the interest some people have in music and making the industry more efficient. Making music is a big part of my Uncles life and he has shared much of what he does and how he does it with me so i understand what goes into the process. These independent labels strive to make the future of music better than it already has become. Some labels just take music but I have not seen many that try to improve the industry of music like the Swedish Model. Many things this model produces shows the entire industry of music that there are still many possibilities and chances for music to improve greatly.


4 Responses to “The Swedish Model”

  1. dbolster08 said

    I never go through a day without music either. If I don’t have my headphones I won’t go to some of my classes because walking across campus without music blows. I have to get a new pair of headphones almost weekly.

  2. jessiemc11 said

    My grandpa and grandma are so talented in singing although i DID NOT get that gift i love music and i wish i was as talented as a lot of the people i hear and listen to. The swedish model is very interesting and the people are very optimistic as long as they love what they are doing is what matters and theres hope for their success

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