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The Old brings out the New

Posted by loganhamilton on November 5, 2016

I think it is said best from Sam Ford himself, “In the overinflated rhetoric of new media, media revolutions, and change, too often we lose track of basics and fail to consider that most of what seems new and different isn’t really, either.” That is perfect right there. Basically the old types of media are the same as it is not just more perfectly complicated to the point of intrigue. It is amazing to me to see how television and cellular phones and just the way the simplicity of the old times were compared to present day technology. Honestly I hate it and I will tell you why. Back before phones and social media, people walked or drove to their friends or wherever they were going without telling someone through their phone or email. There were no indirect comments on twitter to someone you don’t like. There was no getting mad over a picture your girlfriend posted on Instagram. There was no sending weird funny pictures on snapchat or whatever else people send now a days. So yes it was so simple back then and I liked that because there was no drama. That is the key word for me when it comes to technology or some type of communication. The less drama I have the happier I am. Simple as that no questions asked no comments or concerns. Just some good ol country communication is how I like it.


2 Responses to “The Old brings out the New”

  1. laurenbailey07 said

    i remember when i was in like 4th grade and people only ever really used landlines. At school, my friends and i would have to
    make plans ahead of time because we couldn’t just text eachother “hey i’m coming over”. i kinda miss how things used to be but also it’s much more simplistic now.

  2. dbolster08 said

    It’s a depressing sight when you look around a room of friends and everybody is face down in their phone. I appreciate everything these smartphones do but it’s crippling society’s ability to interact.

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