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Iron Man’s best friend is black…

Posted by loganhamilton on November 5, 2016

Okay so I am not sure what the big deal with white heroes and black heroes is. The article describes black characters are being killed off to allow the white heroes or characters more time on screen. Say what??? No, thats wrong. Black heroes are awesome such as Brody who is Iron Man’s best friend in the Iron Man movies. He is in the army and eventually becomes the patriotic hero alongside with Iron Man so who’s saying that the black characters are dying off or not as important? I say step it up. In the new show on Netflix called Luke Cage, a black man in Harlem, New York saves the entire town because he is bulletproof like superman. He goes on to save everyone and even himself through his courage and selflessness. That is what I call an incredible show because it is not the white characters stepping up to the spotlight and not even the black characters dying off or becoming less important…it is a regular black man who is a good genuine guy saving the town and the people he loves and thats what I think the writers of that article should be writing about. Who cares if there is gossip about black characters dying off or becoming less important because there is more out there than what was in that article. Theres gotta be something said about a black man who is civil and still manages to save the people he loves without anything in return. I say that’s the real hero.


One Response to “Iron Man’s best friend is black…”

  1. lucdigi said

    Exactly! I’ve never been a big comic/superhero fan really, but I have never seen or heard of things like that blatantly happening in stories??? Luke Cage seems super interesting, thanks for the shout I will check that out!!

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