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Posted by dbolster08 on November 3, 2016

As a kid, I was never a huge fan of wrestling but a lot of my friends were.  When we would all hang out they would play different wrestling matches and I was always blown away at how obviously fake it was.  Yet, they never knew.  My friends would swear up and down that it was real and all the storylines were real and such.  I was always left speechless when they would argue with me because I really just thought it was so obvious that I didn’t need to argue.

I never once dissed my friends for watching it and never told them to get a life so I wonder why people hate on the fans so much.  Yeah it’s all fake and way overplayed but if that’s what people like then leave them alone and let them enjoy their media.  Whenever Game of Thrones first aired, a lot of people around me would talk shit about it for the immense violence and nudity.  I enjoyed the show from the start and tried to get them to look past their ignorance of good film but they wouldn’t.  Now it’s the top rated show ever and people are hopping on acting like they always liked it.  If something is popular enough to have a huge fan base, leave them the hell alone and let them enjoy what they are watching.


3 Responses to “wrestling”

  1. wilscott1 said

    I completely agree. I’m not a wrestling fan, but I try not to bash it to the people that enjoy watching it. A show that I watch that gets a lot of hate from people I know is The Walking Dead. Some people think the show is too repetitive, which is somewhat understandable. However, I don’t understand why people say the show is only about blood and gore. There have only been a handful of episodes in the entire series with cringe-worthy gore. Considering the fact that The Walking Dead is a zombie show, this isn’t too much at all. Like you said, if something has a huge fan base, everyone else should just let the fans enjoy it.

  2. ccpadfield said

    Exactly! Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and shouldn’t get bugged over it. As long as they enjoy it and don’t hurt anyone over it, it’s fine! There shouldn’t be such heated debates over things like wrestling. It’s great for discussions but people shouldn’t be yelling over one another to get a point across.

  3. drewowen44 said

    I agree, i remember too when i was growing up on how my friends would argue if it was real or not, obviously we were oblivious onto what was really going on. Me being the one telling them it was fake.

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