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Posted by tycamchan on November 3, 2016

Growing up my cousins were very much into the wrestling and WWE, and the comic book figures and all that.. Me? Not so much. When I was younger,wrestling used to come on television all the time, and I remember it being a “thing” for everyone, everyone loved it. I always thought that the wrestling looked fake as I was forced to watch it by family and friends. Then when I found out that it actually was, I thought that I was the shit at school, because I was right! But a lot of those wrestlers were doing horrible things to themselves and each other to get big in that particular field. Take Hulk Hogan, huge star back in the day, and very big in the wrestling scene.. But when he was interviewed a few years ago he revealed all the things he went through to get his “title” in the wrestling world (like steroids, etc). I also remember reading about a wrestler that they’re making a film about, telling the story of his journey and revealing what drove him to kill his wife, their child, and himself. People only see the lights and the famous wrestlers on WWE, but they don’t know the back stories and trials that those wrestlers go through.

3 Responses to “Wrestling”

  1. I agree with each of your points, but listen here, ol’ chap, and tell me if you ever thought of this before: is WWE over when the fat Man sings? Who’s to say?

  2. mhlowhorn said

    Yeah, I agree that people do not understand the physical toll wrestling takes on the body. As a kid I really loved wrestling so I read a lot of articles about certain wrestlers and this kind of thing online. Even though wrestling is “fake” (as in the wrestlers don’t really hit each other), their bodies still go through really severe trauma. They have to take falls, hit the mat, and perform stunts that normal people cannot do. Injuries happen a lot–the guy who I assume you referenced in your blog post, Chris Benoit, had suffered from so many concussions throughout his career that it messed up something in his brain and made him kill his family and himself. That’s an extreme case, but yeah, stuff like that happens. Wrestling is a lot rougher than they make it seem.

  3. drewowen44 said

    good point about what goes on in the back stages of wrestling. makes you wonder of what goes on in other professional sports and how athletes can act just because of their profession.

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