Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by yanniej on November 3, 2016

Oh the dramatic slamming, blasting TVs and the sweaty annoying things that I called family would drive me crazy watching this madness called WWE all the time. The fact that these grown, old men dress in thongs just to act like they are fighting other grown men dressed in thongs for like an hour drives me crazy and I hate it. While everyone has their own opinions, hobbies and strange things that they like I will be the first to say I am not interested.

But as I get back to my rant… what tops it all off is that people use their hard-worked money and actually pay to see these “wrestlers” in person. While I can’t personally say that all wrestling act like this because I have not used my precious time to watch that mess I must say I belive WWE is by far the worst thing when it comes to entertainment (the real type)… Posters, comforter, action figures my brother had it all but it didn’t take me that long to realize that they weren’t really fighting, but no matter how many times I told my brother he was stupid for watching it nothing that I said could phase him!

What makes something so simply, and slightly strange as WWE have such a big and world-wide fan base? Being a wrestlers I couldn’t continue to do something so “scripted” for the rest of their life, because literally every match has the same concept. While I must admit that their entrance and theme songs where pretty catchy and cool I would never or even allow myself to say I like watching that nonsense.


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