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The Cream of the Crop, Brother.

Posted by wrmattison on November 3, 2016

The world today is so polarized.  Everything is black and white.  You either stand for something, or you are nothing.  You must pick a side and trust in it, no matter the baggage that comes with your team.  I think everyone oversimplifies things into a “you vs. me” kind of situation.  People are frightened and confused about addressing the complexities of the world around us.  And I think wrestling is a topic of up most polarization.  You either hate it, or you love it.  It is not enough to appreciate it, or accept it for the imbecilic art form that it is; you must love it or hate it.  And I think that is a fallacy of our time.

I do not love wrestling, however, that is not to say that I hate wrestling.  I have my top five favorite wrestlers of whom I can quote my favorite catch phrases and execute my favorite finisher moves.  On the contrary, I never actually watched wrestling on TV.  My brother played Smackdown VS. Raw on Xbox so he would relay to me all the relevant information from this virtual reality.  I picked up a lot of my wrestling knowledge from internet memes and friends who were into it.  And by “friends who were into it” I mean adults who frequently reminisced over the good old days of WWF.  By and large the Macho Man Randy Savage is my all time favorite wrestler of any generation.  He was, the Cream of the Crop. (RIP Macho Man)

I appreciate the sheer entertainment of wrestling.  The big budget shows and extreme acting make for a thrilling experience.  And what better audience to flaunt this show than to plebeians.  They (we…I) eat it up.  It is a cultural mainstay of the south and I think it foolish not to acknowledge the intricacies of wrestling.  I think everyone could learn to appreciate the theatrics and severity of professional wrestling.



3 Responses to “The Cream of the Crop, Brother.”

  1. toppermike said

    I also am not really a fan of wrestling. It never interested me to see grown men fake-fight. That said, the wrestlers themselves put on really funny performances. I think people were supposed to take Randy Savage seriously, but as an outside observer who didn’t grow up watching him, he’s hilarious. He in particular has had a lasting impact on popular culture. The last time I played Skyrim, I downloaded the Macho Dragon Randy Savage mod. If you don’t know what that is, please look it up.

  2. tycamchan said

    I don’t understand how it’s still being talked about. I thought, even back then, that wrestling was just a fad that would fade out. I remember that my cousin would wanna fight me and other people just like how he was seeing on television, and ended up leading a life of violence… I’m not saying wrestling fueled it entirely, but he watched and was driven by a lot of it. Then when you don’t like wrestling or boxing or anything else “manly”, you’re gay.

  3. mhlowhorn said

    It’s interesting to hear your take on it, as you said you’re not necessarily a fan but you don’t really hate wrestling, either. I feel like people who don’t care for it immediately write it off as cheap or dumb entertainment simply because it’s “fake.” Wrestling itself is about so much more than just the matches–it’s about putting on a show to entertain people, which means it’s about plotlines and characters and any other storytelling mediums.

    Also, that’s cool that you still know about wrestling and like Macho Man even though you never really watched it! Lol

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