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Let’s get ready to rummmmmmble!

Posted by toppermike on November 3, 2016

I don’t especially understand the appeal of wrestling (sorry Sam, I know that one hurts to read). I never have. To be fair though, I also don’t know why people watch Twitch, or professional sports. And wrestling makes more sense than those things. With sports of streaming gaming, you’re watching other people play a game. With professional wrestling, it’s a little more like watching a play or a movie. It’s all about the theatricality, watching the characters and their act. I’m never interested in the “fights”, but it’s pretty funny watching the press videos for Macho Man Randy Savage. As I understand it, he’s the cream of the crop. And the cream ¬†will rise to the top.

It’s sad to hear about health issues in the world of professional wrestling. Their careers are built around their physique. They need to be healthy and in shape to continue acting in a professional manner. Health problems to a professional wrestler must be like an ugly scar on a super model’s face, or arthritis to a surgeon. To be injured always sucks, regardless of profession, and to develop health problems always sucks, regardless of profession, but to have it happen to you when your job depends on being able to act in a very physical way must be devastating.


3 Responses to “Let’s get ready to rummmmmmble!”

  1. tycamchan said

    I hated wrestling when I was growing up, and still do! It’s just another way to influence the youth, showing them that fighting on camera can make you famous and get you paid. Pathetic.

    • toppermike said

      In that case, you must also hate MMA, boxing, kickboxing, hockey, all action movies, all superhero media, half of all video games, European soccer teams, the history channel, and Sean Penn. It’s a violent world. But to be fair, some stars of violent media are incredibly politically active and against violence in general. Muhammad Ali, for example, was an active political voice who was openly opposed to the Vietnam War.

  2. I think its interesting to compare wrestling with professional sports because a lot of people engae with sports in a heavily dedicated way where they feel responsible for team memebers which I think is equally as absurd as being invested in wrestling. I also think both have cultural capital and value, so I’m not just dissing sports.

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