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Posted by megnewt61 on November 2, 2016

As a kid, I was known as the “tomboy” in my family because I loved wrestling so much. The first time I came to Kentucky when I was 4, my uncle gave me a t-shirt that had The Rock on it and IT GLOWED IN THE DARK which made everything better. Ever since then, I would watch WWE on the TV with my uncle and cousin or I would play the PlayStation games and create my “alter ego” Ice Diamond (pls don’t ask, I was a small child with big dreams of being a wrestler). We would always argue which brother was the best out of the Hardy brothers and which one deserved Lita (you’ll only know these people if you truly watched RAW). When I turned 10, my uncle bought a trampoline that we turned into a wrestling ring with a bunch of old garden hoses and fence posts. I thought it was the greatest and most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. My uncle then attempted to join a group of guys that wrestled for shows and stuff which gave us access to an actual ring. My 10-year-old heart burst with joy. I hopped on the ring and I felt as if I could body slam anyone that wanted a piece of me. As I later grew up, I also grew out of wrestling as well. There are occasional times where I’ll go home and my uncle, my cousin, and I will just RKO each other but it’s not as intense as it was back when I believed I could do anything even be a professional wrestler.


7 Responses to “WWE”

  1. I totally empathize with this experience. I think a lot of girls who are into wrestling were brought in by like an older male relative, like a dad or uncle, as a bonding point.

    • megnewt61 said

      It was a very big bonding point for my uncle and I. Occasionally we still watch WWE and play around and wrestle, but as I said since I have grown up, it has died down a lot since then, but it is something that will always keep my bond with my uncle very strong.

  2. yanniej said

    This is interesting I would like to know more about what makes you enjoy wrestling so much because you are one of the few post that I have came across who actually enjoys watching it. I know you mentioned that you use to be a tomboy but I was as well because all of my cousins were older and guys, but that is besides the point, I still never found wrestling to be cool or entertaining! From the first time I was forced to watch WWE until my brother finally realized that is was cool anymore I always viewed it as boring, over rated, and strange!

    • megnewt61 said

      Well of course, as a kid I thought they were all actually wrestling like no acting so I thought it was pretty awesome haha. Like it was kind of a family thing, when my uncle first introduced me to it, I thought it was dumb, but it grew on me. There was a time when my uncle actually got tickets for me, my cousin, and him to go to see a WWE match, but family problems came up and I was devastated that I couldn’t go. But yeah I was always around my cousin and my uncle so from that I turned into a tomboy and I legit act like one of the boys and wrestle with them, I just thought it was fun haha.

  3. prestonperkins91 said

    Me and my family also used to wrestle on the trampoline acting like we were in the WWE. I’m envious you got to actually get in a legit ring, cause I bet my 10 year old self would have flipped shut lol

    • megnewt61 said

      It was awesome! Like my uncle tried pro wrestling for a little bit and there was all of these guys that had sort of an alter ego and I went to meet them thinking “Meg be careful, they could body slam you at any moment” haha and they were so nice. They taught me different moves from the turnbuckles and the ropes and how they look like they are actually getting hurt by the moves. One of the biggest guys let me try a move on him and when I did it, he acted like it really hurt so of course I let it go to my head cause I was just 10 and I thought I was the strongest girl alive haha.

  4. Jokerswild said

    I think I found another best friend if you’re a big wrestling fan

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