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Posted by caitgate on November 2, 2016

My dad used to watch wrestling all the time, and it drove my whole family crazy. I don’t want to offend anyone who loves watching it, but it just seems like trash. It was so over the top and so fake. I never understood why my dad watched it so much; all it every did was piss him off! After each match, he would turn the tv off, slam the remote down, and grumble about how it was all fake and just rigged. My mom and I constantly asked him, “If you know it’s fake and all it does is make you mad, then why do you watch it? How do you enjoy that?”

I thought it was crazy how some of the wrestlers “stayed in character” even after the match was over just to keep up the con. I feel like at that point, you’re not even living your own life, you’re living your character’s. I understand why they do it, but that takes dedication. I was surprised at how many fans attacked the heels. That was kind of ridiculous and scary. It was kind of funny how they would act like their car was someone else’s so that car would get destroyed and not theirs. Every man for himself, huh?

I never knew that the fans knew it was fake and participated the way they did to help with the show. It kind of makes sense. It’s like everyone has a part in the hoax. I thought it was funny how one person described the role of the audience as keeping up the act for the people that thought it was real, similar to not exploiting Santa Claus to those who still believed.


2 Responses to “Wrestling”

  1. jessiemc11 said

    Yeah i feel that, every time i have seen it on tv or at one of my friends house i am never able to understand it although it brings him a lot of entertainment and happiness. Its strange that he always watches it then complains about it thats like my dad watching uk football lol…

  2. laurenbailey07 said

    i feel like for me, it is so fake that i couldn’t even build up enough anger to actually get mad about it! it’s hard for me to look at it as more than purely comedic relief much less a so called “sport”. sure, it is very entertaining but i think i would enjoy it more if they practiced making their moves look more real.

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