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Posted by drewowen44 on November 2, 2016

I can relate to these articles in a way, I’m sure not as in a severe way. Playing sports growing up we’ve all been banged up a little bit but i can not imagine what professional sports are like. I played hockey and in high school i had been diagnosed a couple time with mild concussions. It would affect me a little bit such as dizziness and bright lights hurt my head but would never keep me out too long. In this case for professional wrestlers and athletes where the best of the best are competing it only takes one wrong move and your career is over…no more making millions of dollars for a game. These articles made me think of todays world versus what it was “back in the day” i guess you could say. They didn’t have the technology the doctors do today to determine the severity of a injury or in this case concussions. You see many older retired athletes that are so out of it because their bell has been rung one too many times. I never was really into watching the WWE but  i know enough about it that it is dangerous and concussions are something to keep an eye in the sport. In the article, “Maybe My Brain Wasn’t As OK As I thought It Was” is a great example of what every athlete eventually faces, retiring from the sport they love just so they will be mentally and physically capable of what they can do now, on down the road still.


2 Responses to “Wrestling”

  1. jessiemc11 said

    I can’t even imagine being nocked around like they are. Id probably be dead if i even stepped foot in a ring like that. If any of this stuff they do is real then they are CRAZY. Its sad that people are willing to give their lives to things that can completely destroy them in the future but i understand if thats their dream and what they aspire to do. They sure bring on the entertainment

  2. I say, “On with the show! Knock the testosterone out of each other!” Those guys know how to entertain, so let ’em at each other. It’s money time, baby

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