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The WWE Universe

Posted by wilscott1 on November 2, 2016

Growing up, I was never a fan of professional wrestling. I’m still not. I could never understand how you could get so into something that was so obviously fake. Also, it still annoys me to this day when wrestling at that level is referred to as a sport. Wrestling stops becoming a sport as soon as it becomes fake. With all of this being said, after reading the article, I now have an understanding as to the mindset of wrestling fans.

A majority of them know that it’s not real. Fans claim that the two main reasons they still choose to be apart of the WWE Universe is 1) they want to maintain the illusion for their less educated peers, and 2) they get caught up in the story line and the showmanship. I think the latter is the much more relevant answer, the fans just don’t want to admit it. At least that’s how I interpreted Sam’s interviews in the article.

I guess being apart of the WWE Universe is similar to a lot of other fandoms. People are quick to point out that wrestling is fake, but remain huge fans of television shows with implausible premises, such as The Walking Dead. Not gonna lie, I am one of those people. However, after reading this article, it’s clear to me that everyone is going to like what they like. Maybe all of us anti-wrestling people should just let the WWE Universe be. After all, if something has millions of fans, it’s probably doing something right.


One Response to “The WWE Universe”

  1. jessiemc11 said

    You made some good points. To think of myself being involved in something completely fake sounds awful although they are able to bring enjoyment to those who just like watching and knowing its fake or to completely oblivious people who think its 100% real.

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