Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Poster

Posted by ccpadfield on November 2, 2016

As a kid, I remember watching WWE with my brother whenever it was on. I enjoyed the costumes, the drama and the funny wrestling moves that were used. (“C’mon that didn’t look like it hurt that bad!”) My brother’s favorite wrestler was John Cena, while I had grown an affinity for The Undertaker. I loved his entrance music, his demeanor, his moves, the list goes on and on. He was incredibly cool and edgy, and this is the opinion of an eleven-year-old girl. I remember one night my dad and brother went out to have a “boy’s night” because they bought tickets to see the WWE tournament in Nashville. I was so jealous because I had wanted to join in on the fun an see all these people I had watched on TV in real life. Instead, they returned with a poster just for me. Now, I want you to imagine a pink bedroom with a flora canopy bed, stuffed animals, etc. That night, right over my bed, I placed my new poster on the wall. The poster: An image of The Undertaker in front of a black background with his name written above his head.

I wish I had been able to go to that wrestling match. Above anything, I wanted to see if the fans acted as crazy on TV as they did in real life. The fans created such a chaos in the arena it was unbelievable to me how much they seemed to buy into the whole thing. There’s such an aura of hypermasculinity that, at the time, I couldn’t understand. Maybe that’s why I liked The Undertaker so much… he was calm, cool and collected; warping hypermasculinity into creepy and he was still just as menacing, if not more.


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