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An Unlikely Hobby

Posted by katherineschaaf on November 2, 2016

WOW. Honestly I do not even know where to begin. How does one even pick up this hobby?  I have heard about real WWE wrestling (aka the famous Muhammad Ali from my hometown, Louisville).  I have watched the movie Nacho Libre, where Jack Black becomes a performer of his own sorts.  I have most recently witnessed a high school friend of mine become really involved in one of his school’s local performance wrestling groups.  On the Western Kentucky University wrestling group side, the most I have heard/seen about this club is an occasional chalk promotion by the Bell Tower (really just during the first week of class).  So as you can tell, wrestling and the community/scene that comes along with it has never been a part of my life.  However, after reading this article and watching my friend create a deep passion for this hobby, it is something I would really be interested in attending as an audience member.

Never did I imagine the extent of what goes into this sport/performance.  The fact that they have a code, kayfabe, along with multiple business words like work, selling, smart, etc. was unknown to me before reading this.  They are such integral parts of what makes the performance all that it is, how could the fun side of the show function without them.  I also think the hyperbolic nature is what makes this event so one of a kind. By blurring the line between reality and fiction it allows the audience to constantly be guessing and creating that vital atmosphere from the crowd.  I have yet to attend an actual performance, but I would love to give it a shot and keep these components in mind as the show goes on.


3 Responses to “An Unlikely Hobby”

  1. wrmattison said

    okay the fact that you think Muhammad Ali was in the WWE makes me want to find new group members…

    • katherineschaaf said

      Whoops, but okay honestly wrestling and boxing aren’t too far off from each other, they are actually very similar sports. They each have similar locations (ring), audiences, and methods of the sport. Sorry I let you down Reed…

  2. samford said


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