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The Swedish Model

Posted by megnewt61 on November 1, 2016

To be honest, I completely understand why the Swedish Model exists. Yes, it takes away money from artists, but if you think about it, the more views or people listening, the more your name gets spread around, which as a result makes you more known and could create a bigger name for you. As many of you know, Taylor Swift took her music off of a lot of different platforms for the simple reason of “Artists should value their art and make sure that people are paying enough money for it.” I understand both point of views. Yes, artist put their time and money into making a single or even an album, but Taylor Swift can argue this because basically everywhere she goes, she gets money. It’s easy to argue about money when you have money, you feel? My favorite quote in the article is “I’d rather have one million listeners and one hundred buyers than one hundred listeners and one hundred buyers” (2009). by Martin Thörnkvist. There are some rising stars or underground artists that are trying to reach their way to the top so they need to win that popularity before they get money because that popularity is what makes you known.


2 Responses to “The Swedish Model”

  1. tycamchan said

    I’m all for sharing the wealth and bringing up your fellow brothers and sisters. I know plenty of young people back at home that are trying to get music careers and things started, and they often talk about how difficult it can be to do so. I think we should all spend some time trying to do right by the next person. Just trying to get ahead for yourself is the reason this world is messed up now.

    • megnewt61 said

      We all know about how some people in small towns that are trying to get big will hand out their mix-tape Just by them doing that can help them greatly to get their name around. There was a guy at my hometown that had got a pretty big gig because one day he happened to hand his mix-tape to a producer and they really liked it. I look at The Swedish Model like that.

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