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Sweden Artists

Posted by tycamchan on November 1, 2016

I’m all about music, good music. I’ll listen to anything, coming from anywhere, by anyone. I think without music the world would be very weird? Music to me, serves as entertainment, a stress reliever, and just about whatever else you might need that day. However, I didn’t so that Sweden was so big into music. Of course I figured that they had a music scene (everyone does), but I had no idea that Sweden was “poppin” like that. I was just thinking that if Sweden is so big on music, why didn’t anyone know anything about their music at all? Matter of fact, I’ve never heard a Swedish song? Also I’ve never heard a Swedish dialect I don’t think. Anyway, here’s a good idea.. Lets spread music, and not hate and all the rest of the negative things that people spread around the world.. That would be a change, right??



3 Responses to “Sweden Artists”

  1. The reason you don’t hear a lot of Swedish music is because the United States dominates the pop genre because it’s easily reinforced in the type of celebrity culture we foster in the U.S.

  2. caitgate said

    I also love music. I listen to a bit of everything, and it varies depending on my mood or what I am doing. But like Olivia said, we don’t hear much about it because we’re too focused on our own artists and our own music. The United States is kind of egotistical. But I think most nations are like that, where they mainly focus on their own music.

  3. ccpadfield said

    It’s sad that musician popularity is different in the U.S. than it is in other countries. Often if you’re a popular artist in the United States, you’re popular all over the world. My French teacher really brought to light that artist popularity is very different overseas. It’s fun to do research, though, and find foreign artists to listen to! I highly encourage it!

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