Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Value of Authors

Posted by laurenbailey07 on October 31, 2016

When it comes to authors we can easily associate them with any specific book, movie, tv show, etc that they are popularly known by. For example, J.K Rowling is easily known by her famous series Harry Potter. One thing that is helpful by putting a name to a face followed by a medium is that you can then see similarities in other mediums as well.

Being a lover of books, it is extremely helpful to me that authors come into play. In particular, I have read a book series called After by Anna Todd. This series includes 5 books that all follow the relationship between Tessa and Hardin. When i saw on Anna’s instagram that she was coming out with another book series called Nothing More that follows the relationship of Tessa’s best friend and his life in New York. Although the new book series is about a completely different story line, i can still guess that the series will be apart of the romance genre because all of Anna Todd’s other books have been apart of that genre. It is easy to pair an author with a specific image because it is really unlikely for them to stray away from anything other than what they normally write about. Also when i walk into Barnes and Nobles they will normally have an “if you liked ___ you might also like ___” section. It is easy to see what a book will be like based off of other popular books that have been written under that genre.


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