Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Swedish Model

Posted by roseconway98 on October 31, 2016

I would have never guessed that Sweden is one of the biggest music selling scenes in the world. If you had asked me I probably would have said Australia just because so many artist come out of there and the amount of fandoms there are is insane. As the article goes on it has this little saying “if their music doesn’t spread, it might as well be dead” and that really stuck out to me. (FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS IF YOU LIKE PLAYING MUSIC BUT NOT MANY PEOPLE ARE LISTENING TO IT, YOU KEEP DOING YOU OK IM SURE YOUR PARENTS WILL LISTEN TO IT!!) But formal, my friend that I went high school with has been in a band for a few years and at first they really weren’t that big and I’m sure they almost gave up BUT OUT OF NOWHERE this HUGE record label in Cali contacted them and now they’re on one of the largest pop punk record labels in the world and they’re playing Warped Tour and touring Europe next year, like so cool. Also, Thörnkvis put it in good words, “I’d rather have one million listeners and one hundred buyers than one hundred listeners and one hundred buyers” which I think most people would agree. Is not how many people buy your record, its how many are actually listening. (Yeah the money is good but you’re always gonna have those people illegally downloading music because they can’t afford ton actually buy it.) But as the article concludes, artist need to make music because they enjoy it and enjoy performing, and not just for the money. Because a lot of listeners probably use what they create to help cope with something or help getting through a tough time. And how shitty would that be to have someone you look up to as a person and they don’t give and f*cks about you.


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