Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Swedish Model

Posted by tarynmitchell95 on October 31, 2016

Before reading this article I had no idea that Sweden is one of the biggest best selling music scenes. I feel that Sweden does offer a different flavor when it comes to music, which can maybe explain why they are so popular with their music. The article stated that many artist in Sweden feel they need their music to spread. If people are not hearing it then they are not popular. The article stated that if it doesn’t spread it might as well be dead. I feel that is so different from what we are use to here in America. Anybody can be a recording artist. We are able to make our own music, edit it, and distribute it out. People are able to make their own mixtape for all to listen to. I feel that is a freedom that is great to have. It makes it harder for music companies though to profit from because people are able to edit themselves. Websites like youtube allow people to distribute their music for others to view. I think it is a good thing because youtube is literally where you are able to “Broadcast Yourself,” but what is the fine line in that?

The articles also stated that Sweden has made themselves high up in the music market because they are able to reach audiences over seas. I feel that is something that is so hard to do. Getting people from all over the world to like and listen to your music. Social media outlets like twitter allow these music entrepreneurs to distribute their music for all to listen to. Some of these artist work so hard for their music to be heard, even when they know there is a chance they will not become popular from it. I feel that a lot of other countries can learn a thing or two from Sweden when it comes to making music. They are obviously doing something right if they are one of the biggest selling music scenes.


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