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The Swedish Model

Posted by jennnymarks on October 31, 2016

Not even gonna lie, I totally thought this article was gonna be able some hot super model.

The Swedish Model: promoting and expressing music without thinking about economics. This Swedish believe that writing and producing music should be done without thinking too much into its potential to become popular and produce money. Too many artists don’t write and produce their music if they don’t see a profit coming in the future. And in this case, people are very stingy about the money that they do end up making, so this brings into light the issue about “stealing” music and using songs without properly sighting where they got it from. From all of this, comes a lot of unwritten songs and a lot of unnecessary lawsuits.

The Swedish Model says this,”We are small and have minimal budgets. There are few mainstream venues that will promote our music, so few people will have the opportunity to hear it through mass media. The more people who hear it, the larger the audience will become.” They believe that paying for music pushes the little audience they have away. So by making their music free to the public, it spreads a lot quicker, the audience gets larger, and in turn increases the potential to become famous. The small bit that it takes to actually produce this music, will easily be made back with the popularity they gain. Eventually they will be paid performers from their free publicity and make back 10x the money they would’ve made by making someone pay for their music. America, take notes.


One Response to “The Swedish Model”

  1. tarynmitchell95 said

    I was the same when I looked at the title! Little did I know that it would go in depth discussing music. I feel like they produce music in such a different way, but that way works. I feel that by them making it free and more accessible to their audiences, they get their music out faster and people actually listen to it.

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