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The Business of Making Music

Posted by ccpadfield on October 31, 2016

For this blog post I read the article The Swedish Model. Basically, this article talked about how promoting your music for free will help you establish your career. However, the author also expressed that musicians should not be in it for the money and that music should be shared and appreciated universally. I agree that music is a great way for people to connect. Whether it be talking about your favorite bands or dancing in a club, people are connecting through music all the time.

As far as musicians making money, I am well aware that it is not something that happens immediately for most artists. I’ve even known of a few artists who release their first album for free in order to gain a fan base. This will not be able to work one hundred percent of the time, though. Also, artists should not be expected to release all their music for free. If someone develops a big enough fan base, music can develop from a hobby to a career.

Pirating music from artists sucks, but it happens. The likelihood of this stopping anytime soon is not realistic. People are going to find tons of ways to get access to artists’ music. For example, using video to MP3 downloaders, such as YouTube to MP3,  provides an easy way for consumers to obtain free songs online. This is already being partially fixed, though. Artists can put copyright claims on uploaded music to receive monetization every time the song is played on YouTube. They can also include skits and miscellaneous things in music videos to disrupt the original song, giving downloaders a distorted version of the original.


2 Responses to “The Business of Making Music”

  1. jennnymarks said

    I agree that it sucks a lot to have your music stolen. You work hours on end to produce a song and then someone just gets it for free.. pretty sucky. But then there are the artists that make music because its what they love to do (which is what it should be like) and they share their artistic ability through free music. In the end, someone is gonna get the short end of the stick but I believe that people who work hard, will get the popularity they deserve.

  2. tarynmitchell95 said

    I feel that today, getting people to like your music is all artist really care about. A lot of music artist will change their music so that the public likes them. If you notice, sometimes music starts to sound the same after awhile. I think its because producers are aware of what makes money. So they focus less on the actual talent of their artist and portray them in a way that is “likable” to the public.

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