Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Swedish model

Posted by jessiemc11 on October 31, 2016

Its really cool that Sweden is where one of the biggest and best-selling music scenes is even though its a small country. I guess I can see why though because everyone wants to be involved and there is also a lot of talent out there. Its interesting that it talks about how if creators cant anticipate payment they wont release music therefor all of the artist that make it there must do pretty well off. musicians can only make a strong living off the amount of people/views they get from their music the article says that more people that hear the bigger the audience will become.over buyers they need listeners which allows for spreadability and more benefits to the bands. I feel like these musicians in Sweden dont make their living off their music but rather they make their living off of other jobs and they use music for fun and some go farther with that or even do make their livingoff of it


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