Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Joss Whedon and Media

Posted by radionightowl on October 31, 2016

My roommate at my old college was obsessed with Joss Whedon media–I remember that she loved Firefly and the Avengers and basically anything that he put his name on. I think Whedon’s work is more intelligent than that of the typical author/creator, but I was never taken in by sci-fi and didn’t understand the fuss about most of his shows. The fact that he was able to put up quality material on a smaller budget illustrates that moviemaking and writing takes talent, not just money. So often I feel like modern Hollywood is concerned with glitz and glam and special effects and not necessarily the story. Joss Whedon’s work is primarily focused on character relationships and how they interact together. I remember thinking that The Avengers 2 was much more based on character personality than many superhero films I remembered from the past. Dr. Horrible is interesting in the fact that it seemed like Whedon had complete control over its size and direction and content. It didn’t have to fit a standard size or run time, and could be the story the creator needed it to be, not Hollywood. As media becomes more interactive and fanbased, people can start contributing in different ways to influence the fate of their favorite television show (or other piece of media.) In a way it reminds me of the campaign to save Chuck, but the individuals are working to influence how the show runs rather than its frequency and production.


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