Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Independent media

Posted by alexiskurtz1 on October 31, 2016

I feel as if every topic we have talked about so far all relate to each other and all sound very similar in context. We now understand the importance of media and how it’s changed and developed over time. Do we really need to talk about Independent media? I feel like we all already know these answers. All media is started from an independent source and eventually builds and expands until multiple sources are apart of it. Everything starts from something and spreads to something bigger. Some obviously bigger than others but they all have a simple beginning.

Take Facebook for example. Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg and was originally for the use of ivy league college students only. It then spread to other colleges an then business and eventually became what we know it as now. Mark never imagined for it to expand in that way and become so popular but once he started collaborating with other people it grew fast. Something that started independently became very dependent on its other sources in order to continue to grow and become popular.

So is there really any such thing as an independent media? Because in reality if it is independent it probably won’t be forever. So how do we determine? and would anybody want something to stay secluded and small? Most people in media want it to be known or else why even make it? Things on the internet can never go away so if you don’t want anyone to see it then why make it?


One Response to “Independent media”

  1. yanniej said

    In my blog I stated literally the same things I feel as if all the content is being repeated during each chapter and if not it is very similar. Independent media is very self explanatory and it isn’t a very hard concept to understand if you don’t know! While I said personally I think I have learned a lot of media and the way they use these methods to be successful I think we really understand the process now which makes it seem like we keep talking about the same thing!

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