Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Happy Halloween !

Posted by yanniej on October 31, 2016

So this comes to the point in the book where I kind of get bored because it seems like we keep talking about the same stuff so I feel as if I can predict the rest…. (Sorry Sam). But I must say I have gained a lot of knowledge about things such as spreadable media and different strategies that are used to make us as people become the “spreadable media”. Most of the times I focus on the articles that you give us to read because I usually can relate to them more and I actually enjoy reading them. But today I am going to try to tackle some parts that stood out during the reading!

“Of all the people who failed to buy this book today, majority did so because they have never heard of it, not because someone game them a free copy.” This was so true because for example if we haven’t heard the rave about a song, book, movie etc. we won’t take the time to buy it because we automatically assume the worse. The word that I seen a lot throughout the reading was “surplus audience” which I think is a major part of content being spread because it builds this type of fan base. But if your starting something off or independent as was stated, it is often hard to build your surplus audience. That is why often as mentioned within this chapter content will become free to access. By doing so the people are able to promote their brand in returns for something in exchange such as a product for those who have helped build up their platform.

Another part with the reading that really stood out to me was “Consumers can be overwhelmed when choices are poorly organized”. Who can relate to this, going in a candy ale, or a large/messy store and feel as if there is too much to choose from?



2 Responses to “Happy Halloween !”

  1. samford said

    Well, it will be interesting to see how well it seems your predictive abilities work from chapter to chapter…:)

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