Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Digital Games

Posted by lucdigi on October 31, 2016

I feel as if the rise of digital games (especially mobile games, through things like the App Store) IS killing the gaming industry. We all have to work so hard and work long hours for our money and we are always on the go. Rarely do we even have time to sit still and eat a meal, if you’re anything like me and my friends and family. People would rather pay a couple of dollars for a new gaming app on their phone or even download a free on and play it on the train or bus or in the car (hopefully as a passenger, looking at you Pokemon Go) than buy a console game and play it. Yeah, console games are expensive and most of them run for upwards of 50 dollars these days, but the quality of the game and the length of play time is so much more worth it.

It all boils down to spreadability in the end. I can guarantee you that more of my friends downloaded and played that spin-off of the Flappy Bird game where you control Donald Trump as a literal piece of shit than they did buy the new Call of Duty game this time around. It was prime time for this game or a game like it to succeed, right around the time good old Donald announced his run for office and people really started hating on him. The game was hilarious, easy to play, and you could play a round of it in a minimum of literally 2 seconds (if you sucked at it). Mobile games are the rage…


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