Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Crazy Wrestling Fans

Posted by lucdigi on October 31, 2016

I’ll admit, I could never really get into pro wrestling. My brother watched it all the time but for some reason I could never sit through an episode of Monday Night Raw. After doing the reading, I thought a little bit more about why that was. Maybe I couldn’t deal with not knowing what was real and what was fake? I’ve always had that problem most of my life, in many other situations. I always have to know what is real and what is a gimmick just for show. The impact entertainment can have on one’s moral character is an interesting subject… I have seen many people change their entire mindset and belief system based on the type of entertainment that they choose to partake in viewing.

The one thing ¬†really remember from the little bit of wrestling that I have watched is that the fans go NUTS. I mean they go crazy for these people. They get aggressive, like the reading mentions, and I’ve often wondered why the media doesn’t try to spin that watching wrestling will make children violent like they do wen they argue about the same case with video games. That is very interesting to me. Wrestling is so popular, even still. When it passes through the generations it never really seems to lose momentum. I wonder what the spreadability of wrestling can be chalked up to? Is it the fact that kids see themselves in the wrestlers? Or that they just like watching people beat up on each other? From a non-wrestling fan, I would really love to know! What do you guys think?


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