Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by holly1519 on October 31, 2016

Rarely do I ever read a book or watch a tv show that I just happened to come across. Whenever I invest my time into media its normally because someone has recommended it to me. If someone says I absolutely need to watch a TV show because it’s great i’ll probably check it out. But if someone tells me a TV show is awful I probably won’t watch it. A filter that is almost an always guarantee is the ‘author’.

For example, if I see James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, or Christopher Nolan is directing a movie I’m going to go see it. I don’t even have to know what its about. All i need to know is the title of the movie so I can tell the movie theater employee what ticket i want. I saw a trailer a few months ago for a movie titled “Dunkirk” and it was 15 seconds long. Not a single word was said and all it pictured was soldiers in a boat looking up at the sky. The only text to appear on screen was “from Christopher Nolan” and i said yep I’m going to see it. Everyone may not share the same opinion as i do, but i know that with these directors the media will have a certain quality to it, as the article mentioned, that i know i will like. Some of these authors have such a huge fan base that just their name automatically becomes a positive filter to try and influence people to invest time into that movie. That is the kind of fame everyone in the business arguably wants to achieve.

On another note, here is the link to my Dear Next President video!


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